When the first time i saw u...

I saw love...

And the first time u touched me..

I felt love..

And after all this time,,,

You're still the ONE I LOVE..

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cinta Yang satu

Kita selalu dgr akn ungkapan CINTA!

Banyak definisi serta explanation tentang CINTA!

banyak lagu2..syair pujangga..serta madah tentang CINTA!

tak lupa juga filem-filem lakonan semuanya berkisar tentang CINTA!


im not trying to be an expert in LOVE or CINTA!

juz to share my piece of thought

perhaps,,its included my experience as well

As we all aware,,CINTA is so vast in meaning

its even subjective

it depends on how you perceived it..n translated it

but generally,,LOVE is symbolized by the symbol of Heart

for me,,it is a very adorable symbol :)

again LOVE..

is apart of human's nature..

for me,,,

i live in this world and feel so blessed

as i surrounded by people that love me

my parents,,my family members,,my frens,,my neighbours,,my relatives..etc

it made me even happier when the first time i felt the love of my fiance

as i never love a person out of my family that much

its like a disease that cannot be cured

its like u lost in the world that u dont want to escape from it

n the love towrds him continues..

out of pain

out of tears

and out of time..

as the time passed by,,,its been more than 8years

i really cant wait to be half of him officially

it is because..,

i am so much in love with him

its like i cant loose him..

a lot of problem aroused these days

is it because its "dugaan bertunang" as old folks always talked about?

i dont know..

no one can ever explain how the pain was

only Allah the almighty knows..

and i dont know how i managed to just face this obstacle

its Allah's help definitely



back to the topic,,"Cinta Yang Satu"

is referring to the love that we should only addressed to..

The Love towards Allah The Creator

As HE owns us..

HE owns everything..


When my fiance hurt me out of betrayal

i feel like empty..i feel like night all the time

i fell like what went wrong?

lots of question i want to posed...

and none of them seems to be answered

at that time

my chest here feel like to burst..

i feel like i wanna run...but i dont know where to go

i feel like i wanna right click and just delete all that might brings to him

it was so hurt that u cant juz cry loudly

its your soul whose cried inside..

but thats all juz passed away..

i managed to face it

its because of ALLAH's help

who else?!


i started close myself to Allah

it makes me feel so calm

my chest can breath easily back

the moment i submit myself to HIM

i cried so much

its not because of the pain my fiance has done to me

but its more about what i've done to Allah

that is why my fiance betray over me..

its because..

i give more attention to the love towards human other than to The Creator

its all because of me

i let myself drown in worldly affairs

i forgot my responsibility as Allah's respresentative on Earth

i forgot my duty

i juz buzy myself towards the love to my fiance

until i forgot the one that give me the real "heart" n the one who created the feeling of LOVE

its Allah..

im so ashamed of myself

how could i do this!

Allah has to give me pain(that is my fiance's betrayal) to claim HIS LOVE

if i dont experience the pain,,

im sure,

i will still drown in the worldly affairs and forgot about my actual duty

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Planet Of Flowers :)

Let say...

If we were given a petal of any flower..

on each time we miss someone..

any kind of flower...

like this ::

I Guess,,,

Definitely..I'll own a Planet of Flowers

with full of colors

and fragrances...

out of this missing u- feeling

The Planet Of Flowers::

im sure,,

im gonna own it

"The Planet Of flowers"

towards The One..

That I LOVE!

thats u My Love,,

Its a Planet Of Flowers :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Sunshine and Friends...

Its an emotional raining here..

people said that..

"There's always sunshine after the rain.."

so where's the hot sunny sunshine??

>>> the question seems to be improper or immoral..perhaps..<<<

i dont wish to question it but instead my mind keep on asking n asking..

when is my turn to feel the sweet hot sunshine?

cuz i always experienced gloomy days whenever the Sun is about to rise.. :(

oh no!

supposed not to ask this kind of question my dear mind!

then i started to put on the white hat n the green hat too..

and open my eyes..

open my mind..

keep on wondering,,questioning,,look up for clues..

this universe is so the answer must be there..

lets ponder Suhaini..


oh my~

I am blessed..

cuz there were protect me from the rain

n hot towel to keep me warm n standing still..

tQ frens,,,

u are just one of the most precious gift given to mankind

to prove that Allah is always care for u..n will never leave u behind

bearing all the pains n burdens alone..

to u frens,,,thanks for walking along with me..

sharing the tears of pain

and the tears of happiness...

i will always remember that even when im dying

or even when im dancing in the rainbow..

forget u fren..


Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Story of a Butterfly ~

She thought she has them..and
n they thought she has many
So others feels the same too~

at the moment her wing is tore
so she fly slow..
just above to the ground where she's not safe n sound...

flying~searching~ n hoping..
but none of them heard The cry..

As the wing was tore..
As she cries..
As the thinking then coming through..
oh poor little butterfly,,,
this is how the world really goes~

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ku Ada Kamu...

Di kala ku kehilangan di dalam kegelapan
Kau suluhkan sinar petunjuk
Di kala ku kesedihan Kau ukirkan senyuman
Dengan penuh sabar memujuk

Engkau menyambut tiap kali aku terjatuh..

Andai hari esok langit akan runtuh
Tabahlah menjunjung bersamaku..
Andai hari esok dunia gelora
Takkan ku gemuruh selagiku..ada KAMU

Dikala aku tak pasti kau tampil dengan berani
membimbing agar lebih yakin
Dan bila hidup penuh soalan
Kau berikan jawapan
Melengkap semua kekurangan..

Engkau menyambut tiap kali aku terjatuh..

Andai hari esok langit akan runtuh
Tabahlah menjunjung bersamaku..
Andai hari esok dunia gelora
Takkan ku gemuruh selagi ku..ada KAMU..

Tidak mungkin diri ini mampu
Hidup tanpa doronganmu

Andai hari esok langit akan runtuh
Tabahlah menjunjung bersamaku..
Andai hari esok dunia gelora
Takkan ku gemuruh selagi ku..ada KAMU..


Monday, December 20, 2010

~Memberatkan Pada Yang Meringankan:: Wajarkah?

Wajarkah sekiranya..
kamu memberatkan
sedangkan dia meringankan...?

kamu merisaukan pada yang membiarkan...

mengapa harus diberatkan dan dirisaukan?

dan kenapa kamu meringankan lalu membiarkan...?

berat rasa hati memberatkan..
gusar lagi apabila diringankan..

sentiasa tahu, tak harus begini
namun siapalah logika berbanding degil hati
tetap memilih memberatkan dirinya
kerana jika ia memilih ringan,,,
maka padanya..
rasa merah itu pasti sudah tiada
kerna baginya,,
meskipun berat,,,
merah tetap terus menyala!


lalu kamu pula...?
kenapa ringan???
adakah kerana tiada lagi merah??
tidak sekali!
bukan kerna merahnya hilang
tapi kerna..
kamu hanya mengambil ringan
kerna kamu sentiasa percaya
merahnya sang puteri tak bakal hilang
walau berjarak..
silau merah dia tetap kamu rasa..
walau puteri rasa berat sampai patah
serpihannya nnti pasti tetap merah!

~kamu juga yakin puteri itu hebat menangkis berat bukan?

sang puteri memang hebat..
mampu menangkis berat
namun puteri idam pembakar semangat!
supaya yang berat itu menjadi hangat
lau mengasyikkan

Friday, December 17, 2010

Getting Pampered and Becoming Spoiled

As a women...
Do u enjoyed of being pampered..?

Talking about myself..

In my family, i am the youngest female members..
there are only three flowers in my sister n ME.. =)

I cant figure out wether i was too 'manja'..or not
tak pernah pon rasa d manjakan....or tak rasa pon memanjakan diri..
but somehow,,,some ppl say i was too manja..
my sis always said i was too lembik..(as refer to always sakit sana sini)
and my brother few times said i am a "puteri lilin" (as refer to..i will get migraine if exposed directly under the hot sun light..)

and my mum concluded that...thats because i was too manja..
still,,tak nak terima kenyataan kah? huhu~

As a women..
As a lover..and a fiance of my mr. kyno.. =) =) =)

i love to be pampered by himself..
although he is an army officer...(thats because ppl always look army as 'kasar')
believe me...
he is so sweet..(romantic sgt!)
bak kata Shaheizy Sam,, in Adnan Sempit Movie,,, "Dalam Hati ada Taman".. :P

And the question is..."Is there any relationship between being pampered and becoming spoiled??"

the question was posed because in some ocassions,,i do agree this co-relation..

let's flashback.....

last weekend..
early in morning he called me to go for breakfast..
we met then,,go to moment..etc..
on that day..
i can see trough his eyes,,that he loves me so deep..
deeper than before..
on that day,,
he really pampered me a lot..
feels like a princess..
the day just filled with joy and laughs
definitely love is in the air..=)
the way he treat me,,,
was so amazing than the early days we being a couple 8 years ago

and the time passed..
until we need to say good bye..
he needs to go back to Terendak..
my eyes pooled with tears..
as i dont wish to let him leave..

the night then i couldnt sleep..
all the laughs..the affections..
the sparkling of his eyes..the way he looked my eyes..
the way he spoke..the way he hold my hands..
oh my..
this 'angau' continues..
the next..n next night..
until last nite
everytime wanna hear his voice...

OK..enough flashback!
back to present moment...

i feel i was too spoiled becoz i was too pampered!
the great amazing kebabommm treatment make me sick!
"the love sick!"

too much pampered and becoming spoiled n ngada- ngada!

thank God..i can control myself not too overwhelmed..and disturb him..
coz he is a busy man.."Berkhidmat untuk Negara"
hehe..ada jugak kacau2..
he is so sweet that he always there to layan this stubborn fiancee of him..
cant wait to meet u this week honey!

as always..i love u!